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Thatched Roof in Ireland


ThatchFinder.com is an online resource for roof thatching. ThatchFinder.com includes an online directory with an international flavour. The directory has attracted business listings from many industries, trades and services from all over the World. Why not add yours?


BogMan.ie is an online store selling woodcrafts which are handcrafted at Boglands in County Offaly, Ireland. It also sells Bog Man Apparel and will continue to develop and add new products to the online range. The rustic crafts use locally sourced wood.

Interior of a Glamping Yurt - Yurts


YurtFinder.com is an online resource for Yurts and Yurt Living. YurtFinder.com includes an online directory.


AdventureHub.ie is an online resource for Adventure and includes an online adventure directory.

Coming Soon

We are working away getting everything ready

Just Launched

It is a work in progress, but on the road.

On the 'Long Finger'


The Proposed ‘Boglands Brewery’ – One day maybe. We are working on the plans very slowly. 

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